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by:Clover Household     2020-05-20
Bamboo broom timely cleaning after use must pay attention to the product, this will increase the service life of the product, has markedly improved and the effect of cleaning will, cannot be used when cleaning strength of cleaning agent that would result in grave damage to the product, will cause harm to an estimate, and second, when cleaning can undertake cleaning with the help of some articles for daily use, so it will clean the more clean, let's learn more about the cleaning method of bamboo broom. First of all, it is material is to distinguish between bamboo broom of bamboo or plastic, if it is animal fur, only gently pat in the outdoor, shake off the dirt of surface layer, it is forbidden to touch water, if it is MAO bamboo, second, you can use the following method for wrapped around the broom on the surface of the hair, put on the broom vertical, friction and cardboard or something like that, when the hair will roll into a ball and fell down, his hand down, down, moreover, with a brush for broom the ashes, available with wooden handle surface of plastic hair gently, season with salt, put a broom in put salt in a plastic, shaking the bag, the use of salt and the characteristics of dust, positive and negative ions attraction, inhale dust clean, clean with washing powder in addition, for a grease stain on a broom, clean with washing powder, evenly coated on the surface after diluted with vinegar, scrub, paint surface after the rice water that clean out rice equably, friction moment, wash again, rubbing with soot there is oily be soiled, then cleaning and a more effective method of plastic bag on the surface of the broom and cleaning, pour some edible alkali and detergent in the basin, and then pour in warm water to dilute the water temperature is not too cold, but also can't use boiled water because water can break down the bamboo broom, and then next we'll mix water, then put the broom head soaked in water, soak about 15 minutes. Guangzhou in 16 years to focus on a broom, brooms, broom, dustpan, broom pole, miscanthus broom broom, fan-shaped smallpox and other cleaning products wholesale, products are exported to Europe, industry experience, straight pin manufacturers, the price can calls negotiate! 【 Hotline: 020 34792045 】
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