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by:Clover Household     2020-05-23

available, long-lasting, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation, no residual characteristics of the product. Metope sponge to wipe clean tools: remove graffiti wall, wallpaper stain, no detergent, only water, dirt rub-up. Broom pole

in the manner of a family should prepare a few more broom, kitchen, bedroom, etc shall be separately using different broom, try to be & other; Special dedicated room & throughout; 。 This general plastic broom can rinse again, after exposure to dry in the sun, which cleaned up the broom, also made a very good disinfection for it. 3. 1% bleach and washing cleaning fluid broom is also available. A pair of old socks set on a broom, sweeping the floor, because produced electrostatic, hair, dust, etc. easily adsorption,

cleaning brush metope: big brush to clean the ceramic tile wall of large area, a small brush to clean the floor cracks or ceramic tile aperture narrow place, such as a smart design and convenient to receive. Metope paint: completing the

the son tooth will his unlucky wife dubbed 'comet', where comets, there will be bad luck. In numerology, made the 'iron broom' people will life be overthrown, would even hurt his family. Broom pole

then silk stockings will be removed away. When cleaning, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner, and wet dishcloth or mop. If with a broom, the movement wants light, don't add dust kicked up air pollution. Experts caution that the concentration of the pollutants in indoor air sometimes higher than outdoors, even reach outdoor 2 ~ 5 times, a large part of this is caused by the indoor dust. Cause indoor pollution is not only raise the dust itself, and its adhesion function.

Windows cannot is opposite if the broom to meet Windows and put, let a person outside the door or the window to see at a glance the broom in the home, not only will make it difficult to type into, will also be the type of the house out of the door, make the family have no money to earn, often financial ruin.

use on the wood floor can show its advantages. Cotton mop head once wet, attached to the top of the hair, it's very difficult to clean up, wiping out a broom, wipe again somewhere else, there will be printed, broom pole

in the early years, a lot of people are local materials, his broom making at home, these days, with the developed of industrial level, this has been replaced with the plastic broom broom, plastic broom has economical and practical, long life, light weight, beautiful appearance, and many other advantages, but you know, ten yuan plastic broom is how to produce? By plastic broom broom head, MAO MAO board and a broom broom and other parts. MAO board is plastic broom integration build,

black imprint wipe clean. Miscellaneous small stick on mop, went again to the ground, and then had to sweep. 。 So cotton mop as far as possible dry. Before and mop the floor, preferably the hair on the floor clean, or use a vacuum cleaner.

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