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there is a broom & other; Broom & throughout; Oracle form, that is to say, the emergence of a broom, at least also has a history of 4000 years or so ago. In two thousand BC. ; According to the Chinese history records: & other; Broom, dung also. … … Ancient people less Kang Chu basket broom & hellip; … ” 。 Xia dynasty, a man called less kang saw an injured chicken dragged feathers, cleaning supplies

raise dust easily in the human body, although there are certain human nasal blocking function, but the nose can eliminate dust more than 10 microns in diameter, a lot of dust enter into the respiratory system, causing a variety of diseases such as asthma, rhinitis. Less than 5 micron dust particles, can deposit in the respiratory tract eventually ministry; ; In alveolar, injure respiratory tract mucous membrane, cause bronchitis, etc. The data shows, common chronic bronchitis, largely with the powder.

all the lead more clean. So he put feather bundle sweep the dust on the stick,

2. When buying, should ask the operator for invoices or other shopping vouchers, as an important certificate of rights in the future. 3. When the choose and buy should check the design of the product safety. Sharp edge of removable parts should be fully covered. Cleaning supplies

and then cut into its surrounding close tassel. After soaked the broom, and can be used to cut the plastic brushs mop plastic brooms, plastic bottles were covered with hair for a while, and the broom being clean. Position a plastic brooms and what's the use of a lot of people don't know, but used when people are speaking in our cleaning often meet some difficult to clean the place, especially our female friends will drop hair, the floor will be covered with hair, very difficult to clean up.

thin wall pipe fittings non-functional plug nozzle should be used in process of the filling. Between interconnected parts should be no task of unreasonable gap of the body. But relative motion components should be no movement between the unsmooth phenomena.

but need to use hand or washing machine cleaning mop. The choice of the mop mop is engaged in cleaning and maintenance is appropriate for the work, work efficiency, performance and value can be up to the peak. Cleaning supplies

we can position a plastic bag on a broom, a lot of people don't know what's the use, but used people say yes. Will prepare a roll of tape, double-sided adhesive, in the end of the broom stick 3 or 4 is ok, tore double-sided adhesive layer of protection to use with this side of the double-sided gum to clean up the floor of the hair, the hair, the effect is very good. Gently sweeps the floor of the hair, hair dust was soon swept up, after the sweep, the bag down from his broom, garbage in,

mop to choose seven principles: 1, the lever handle conveniently well is not easy to fall off the rotation. 2, mop cloth absorbent. 3, brush to mop the material not to drop crumbs. 4, easy twist dry mop water draining. 5, mop easy dirty clean no adhesion dirt. Different needs to choose not to,

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