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by:Clover Household     2020-05-20

is advocated all homemade myself some cleaning supplies, let our life become more interesting, more meaningful. The broom is an indispensable part of life. But you know what? Plastic brush with

indoor air pollutants including cook lampblack, smoking, smoke release of toxic chemicals, furniture, household appliances produce harmful substances, bacteria and microbes, and dirt is the carrier of all these substances. After dust carrying these substances enter the body, can cause various diseases, such as the burning of carcinogenic particles, inadequate for the occurrence of cancer planted & other; Curse & throughout; ; Bacteria, viruses and other adhesion on the dust, for the spread of the disease left & other; Hazard & throughout; 。

so humble broom, to now have 4000 years of history, the development and change of the broom, so to speak, almost are the epitome of human development. Let's take a look at today, known as the broom,

especially when using the mop, usually use the power of the larger, more serious damage. Preventive measures ( A) The choose and buy one. As far as possible to choose normal manufacturer production of mop and broom and other cleaning supplies, plastic brush with

and then cut into its surrounding close tassel. After soaked the broom, and can be used to cut the plastic brushs mop plastic brooms, plastic bottles were covered with hair for a while, and the broom being clean. Position a plastic brooms and what's the use of a lot of people don't know, but used when people are speaking in our cleaning often meet some difficult to clean the place, especially our female friends will drop hair, the floor will be covered with hair, very difficult to clean up.

view product information is complete, including the manufacturer's name, address, contact information, product name, model, safety warning labels and instructions, etc. Don't buy 3 without the product.

although small mop may use more convenient, but clean area is very small, this time an appropriate big mop can show its advantages. Plastic brush with

the first step: first, we put a broom head basin, then sprinkle with some salt and alkali, salt can disinfect promote stain of decomposition, and edible alkali can have the decontamination effect, then, we'll pour in some warm water, don't pay attention to the warm water after a broom. Will broom soaking in the water, a moment a broom head stains are clean, and the water became very cloudy. Step 2: later, we'll take a plastic bottle, the top half of it cut,

this tablet modelling big mop clean area is larger, the more widen design can make it clean to more ground, such clean also more time than ordinary little mop clean. And it's material is environmental protection material,

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