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by:Clover Household     2020-05-21

this is the origin of a feather duster. But a feather texture too soft, do not wear resistance again, he will be a feather into bamboo, grass, etc. , duster restructured into durable broom. In two hundred BC. ; China along with the popularity of cotton and linen to drag

if use the mop to sweep the floor, these bacteria and microbe follows mop moving around, and bacteria. If the body skin exposure to these bacteria, easy cause allergic dermatitis eczema, etc. Some housewives to drag to be clean, just use hand to twist dry mop, instead it just infected with the bacteria, allergic constitution of the people, is so simple skin disease. Mop and regularly disinfected plastic broom silk best can do.

and the change of ground material, began to appear the needs of water to wash clean. So the people on the basis of the broom and cloth in combination with improved, thus was born the mop. Due to unique modelling is a mop,

block type to enter, let the broom on the foul air pollution, the whole house. Not on sit the broom itself with a lot of Yang qi in the gas field and the broken, nature cannot procrastinate on the head of a bed,

indoor air pollutants including cook lampblack, smoke cigarette smoke release of toxic chemicals, furniture, household appliances produce harmful substances, bacteria and microbes, and dirt is the carrier of all these substances. After dust carrying these substances enter the body, can cause various diseases, such as the burning of carcinogenic particles, inadequate for the occurrence of cancer planted & other; Curse & throughout; ; Bacteria, viruses and other adhesion on the dust, for the spread of the disease left & other; Hazard & throughout; 。

sofa people sit rest place, daily eyesore, not only can also affect the family's health and luck in every way. Toilet is the land of filth in household not in the toilet, the breath of itself with a broken broom in the toilet,

soak for 10 minutes, let us in to see the effect, good time, you see, water is a little black! We use wipe paper, top still remain a lot of stains, to drag

and then cut into its surrounding close tassel. After soaked the broom, and can be used to cut the plastic brushs mop plastic brooms, plastic bottles were covered with hair for a while, and the broom being clean. Position a plastic brooms and what's the use of a lot of people don't know, but used when people are speaking in our cleaning often meet some difficult to clean the place, especially our female friends will drop hair, the floor will be covered with hair, very difficult to clean up.

effect is very general, and liquor and conditioner costs are high, don't suggest that we use. Let's try the second method: edible alkali salt + + detergent also we are still ready to half a bowl of water, pour a spoonful of salt.

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