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by:Clover Household     2020-05-22

I put my cleaning supplies under the listing listed, share with you. White vinegar: pure distilled white vinegar, a powerful natural cleaners. Will be the same amount of white vinegar and water mix, miscanthus broom

raise dust easily in the human body, although there are certain human nasal blocking function, but the nose can eliminate dust more than 10 microns in diameter, large amounts of dust enter into the respiratory system, causing a variety of diseases such as asthma, rhinitis. Less than 5 micron dust particles, can deposit in the respiratory tract eventually ministry; ; In alveolar, injure respiratory tract mucous membrane, cause bronchitis, etc. The data shows, common chronic bronchitis, largely with the powder.

is all-purpose cleaner. Such as washing clothes with a little white vinegar can be used as softener, white vinegar has certain volatile, so do not worry about clothes will have sour vinegar taste, because it would be completely evaporate in the drying process.

especially when using the mop, usually use the power of the larger, more serious damage. Preventive measures ( A) The choose and buy one. As far as possible to choose normal manufacturer production of mop and broom and other cleaning supplies, miscanthus broom

in the manner of a family should prepare a few more broom, kitchen, bedroom, etc shall be separately using different broom, try to be & other; Special dedicated room & throughout; 。 This general plastic broom can rinse again, after exposure to dry in the sun, which cleaned up the broom, also made a very good disinfection for it. 3. 1% bleach and washing cleaning fluid broom is also available. A pair of old socks set on a broom, sweeping the floor, because produced electrostatic, hair, dust, etc. easily adsorption,

view product information is complete, including the manufacturer's name, address, contact information, product name, model, safety warning labels and instructions, etc. Don't buy 3 without the product.

but need to use hand or washing machine cleaning mop. The choice of the mop mop is engaged in cleaning and maintenance is appropriate for the work, work efficiency, performance and value can be up to the peak. Miscanthus broom

the best disinfection method, if the house ventilation, climate and comparison of boring time, with the mop, as long as wash it clean, and then put it in the sun exposure for a period of time, adhere to the boring. Secondly, using ordinary disinfectant disinfection, like lysol, potassium permanganate fluid and bleaching powder, etc. Using 1% ~ 5% lysol solution, soaking disinfection at the mercy of 30 minutes, secondly, using 5% ~ 10% bleach clear fluid, soak 30 ~ 60 minutes,

mop to choose seven principles: 1, the lever handle conveniently well is not easy to fall off the rotation. 2, mop cloth absorbent. 3, brush to mop the material not to drop crumbs. 4, easy twist dry mop water draining. 5, mop easy dirty clean no adhesion dirt. Different needs to choose not to,

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