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by:Clover Household     2020-05-21

what are you don't know the story. Primitive times around 4000 B. C. ; ; There is speculation that China, after the housing form, cleaning become a concept of life, also generates a broom. Broom and dustpan suit

increased indoor pollution. As daily household life indispensable tools clean, use a broom sweeping later can make indoor appear neat, but this is only a surface phenomenon. You will note that the broom by overlaying dust everywhere, it is easy to cause breathing disorders, and bacteria on a broom, quite a few bacteria such as e. coli, hepatitis, typhoid bacillus and so on the many kinds of bacteria. Indoor dust can directly cause health concerns. Doctor explained,

and sixty-seven thousand - year - old former yangshao culture sites appeared a lot of house sites, broom based on that history may be started from that time. BC 3600 years, oracle is found,

when the temperature down to room temperature after the plastic handle, plastic handle cold be handle components on the metal bar. Due to structural design, material selection, process parameters, the influence of such factors as the broom dustpan suit

indoor air pollutants including cook lampblack, smoking, smoke release of toxic chemicals, furniture, electrical appliances produce harmful substances, bacteria and microbe, etc. , and dirt is the carrier of all these substances. After dust carrying these substances enter the body, can cause various diseases, such as the burning of carcinogenic particles, inadequate for the occurrence of cancer planted & other; Curse & throughout; ; Bacteria, viruses and other adhesion on the dust, for the spread of the disease left & other; Hazard & throughout; 。

different manufacturer production of plastic handle and the metal bar between the relay show different results. Consumers in the process of using, once off or broken plastic handle, due to the motion inertia, the metal rod may hurt the body.

you can learn about a bottle of mineral water in an instant water damage. It bubbles also let more comfortable grip handle is suitable for the take put family. 6. Although fashion mop mop is a function of household items, broom dustpan suit

can reach the effect of disinfection. When other, sweep the floor, so that we can with low concentration of potassium permanganate and bleaching powder sprinkled on the ground, so that you can kill the most bacteria. Family disinfection must not take on too much, some people are afraid to disinfect effect is bad, will have to increase the weight of disinfectant, the smell in the home is not very simple, cause of another kind of pollution. Using the plastic broom to family clean with the development of the society, many of the benefits of buildings cover up,

but the choice of its appearance level is also cannot be ignored, choose a high level of mop appearance can also add color for home decoration brighten up. The modelling of the mop is more fashionable, it has two kinds of color choice, pink and gold

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