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by:Clover Household     2020-05-22

what are you don't know the story. Primitive times around 4000 B. C. ; ; There is speculation that China, after the housing form, cleaning become a concept of life, also generates a broom.

plastic broom increased indoor pollution. As daily household life indispensable tools clean, use a broom sweeping later can make indoor appear neat, but this is only a surface phenomenon. You will note that the broom by overlaying dust everywhere, it is easy to cause breathing disorders, and bacteria on a broom, quite a few bacteria such as e. coli, hepatitis, typhoid bacillus and so on the many kinds of bacteria. Indoor dust can directly cause health concerns. Doctor explained,

and sixty-seven thousand - year - old former yangshao culture sites appeared a lot of house sites, broom based on that history may be started from that time. BC 3600 years, oracle is found,

he cut some sorghum stalk, use the rope tied to a, is durable and useful, so everyone rushed to follow, with sorghum broom, allowing the sorghum broom manufacturing in the United States.

plastic broom very practical convenience of your home a few broom? If all the rooms are in the same broom to clean? Maybe your broom appear clean, but hidden in the inside of the hair, dander, dust mites of not you can imagine! Dirty, use a broom sweep; The table is dirty, dust with a feather duster. Little imagine, the People's Daily life, often do think is a good habit of hygiene, actually only added to the indoor dust concentration,

until now, the broom is still in the application. Now the broom material mainly plastic, brown. Intelligent cleaning in modern times, many functions has been a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom. 1901; ; London UK booth of civil engineers invented the gasoline engine

may also affect your home clean problem, this problem can be directly bring health problems to the family, but also is very complex, and the kinds of mop

plastic broom broom every household, cleaning every time want to use it to clean the dust of the ground, over time the brooms were stained with besmirch and hair, some will home position bags on a broom, although this can keep the broom clean, but not easy to clean the stains on the ground. Broom head was covered with a layer of dark stain, and bottom is covered with hair, want to clean it is not easy to start. Teach you a simple cleaning methods,

is not only the appearance is different, different kinds of mop it functions are also different, then give you recommend a few good mop. 1. Flat mop type format, which also have different functions, different mop

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