How the mop of moistureproof and repair at home

by:Clover Household     2020-05-22
Home how the mop of moistureproof and maintenance

now our home will have a mop, but you know how to prevent mop moistureproof and repair? Mop manufacturer just want to say to you today.

the family is one of the main places of our daily life, comfortable and neat household environment is very important, is the good helper of our mop, but after the mop, mop the floor is wet, especially in the wet weather. Can go to add a few tablespoons of salt in warm water, such as salt dissolves after, mop soak in salt water, twist dry after began to sweep the floor. Warm salt water evaporation rate is faster than cold water, floor dry speed will be faster.

because of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in salt absorbs moisture, prevent water vapor condensation in the ground, dry mop water absorption and becomes small particles, the drying time was longer, need to know.

at the time of maintenance, can use commonly used phillips screwdriver first demolition waste pedals, and then use the M4 - The M5 button to remove the red bull gear inside hexagonal; Then remove the rack, the damage of the spring to be removed, the new spring mount on the rack. After the new spring at the other end of the installation with long nose pliers or other tools to another a bayonet pedal; Big gear installed on the pedals.

so you can better use the mop rod, and the general consumer's consistent high praise, more products and maintenance of the application of information to understand can call our contact telephone counseling, looking forward to new and old users presence from all walks of life.

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