How to prolong the service life of mop

by:Clover Household     2020-05-21
How to extend the service life of mop

mop should be from rags, when the ground of the need to be cleaned for dirt, sweep it I'm afraid I just want to people, are not necessarily want to wipe it, with the progress of productivity, the change of living environment, the ground of the need to be cleaned also changed from soil to clean wood, stone, scrub the need arise, scrub the ground should be the earliest dishcloth, scrub though the ground clean, so how to extend the service life of mop? Small make up simple and share today?

1, after the clean must scrub clean and dry place ventilated place, avoid is faulty;

2, mop smell when diluted bleach water can be used to wash the mop;

3, there are hairs stick in the mop can assist with the brush to remove or waiting for dry reoccupy tape in addition;

4, to maintain clean sanitation, occupy the mop head suggest thoroughly clean or replace every two to three months once;

5, cleaner use collocation, weight is not too much, otherwise easy to residual, affect the mop.

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