Need to keep in mind that the plastic mop little common sense

by:Clover Household     2020-05-23
Need to remember that little common sense

plastic mop clean household environment can not only protect our body health, can also be cheerful our mood, let us can keep a good state of mind at home. Plastic mop as a high quality clean tool, has the very high penetration rate, is family.

we are with the plastic mop, no direct exposure to drop it on the balcony, because the plastic for a long period of time in sunlight aging, damages the mop structure, make its cannot give full play to the function. Plastic mop often should keep dry, so when it's idle placed in ventilated, dry environment. Plastic mop clean just to wash the fish in clean water, and dry naturally, do not need detergent and bleaching water, correctly use and maintenance of plastic mop, prolonged use.

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