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by:Clover Household     2020-05-22

without washing, and don't leave scratches and marks, large area cleaning more convenient. I don't know more than household clean little knowledge to have a help to everybody? Soon the New Year, plastic broom

increased indoor pollution. As daily household life indispensable tools clean, use a broom sweeping later can make indoor appear neat, but this is only a surface phenomenon. You will note that the broom by overlaying dust everywhere, it is easy to cause breathing disorders, and bacteria on a broom, quite a few bacteria such as e. coli, hepatitis, typhoid bacillus and so on the many kinds of bacteria. Indoor dust can directly cause health concerns. Doctor explained,

must have friends in some have started to clean the home cleaning, choose the correct cleaning products will make our work get twice the result with half the effort, so as a minimalist life advocates, and I will use which cleaning supplies?

when the temperature down to room temperature after the plastic handle, plastic handle cold be handle components on the metal bar. Due to the structure design, material selection, process parameters, the influence of such factors as

plastic broom broom every household, cleaning every time want to use it to clean the dust of the ground, over time the brooms were stained with besmirch and hair, some will home position bags on a broom, although this can keep the broom clean, but not easy to clean the stains on the ground. Broom head was covered with a layer of dark stain, and bottom is covered with hair, want to clean it is not easy to start. Teach you a simple cleaning methods,

different manufacturer production of plastic handle and the metal bar between the relay show different results. Consumers in the process of using, once off or broken plastic handle, due to the motion inertia, the metal rod may hurt the body.

soak for 10 minutes, let us in to see the effect, the time is up, you see, water is a little black! We use wipe paper, top still remain a lot of stains, plastic broom

in the manner of a family should prepare a few more broom, kitchen, bedroom, etc shall be separately using different broom, try to be & other; Special dedicated room & throughout; 。 This general plastic broom can rinse again, after exposure to dry in the sun, which cleaned up the broom, also made a very good disinfection for it. 3. 1% bleach and washing cleaning fluid broom is also available. A pair of old socks set on a broom, sweeping the floor, because produced electrostatic, hair, dust, etc. easily adsorption,

effect is very general, and liquor and conditioner costs are relatively high, don't suggest that we use. Let's try the second method: edible alkali salt + + detergent also we are still ready to half a bowl of water, pour a spoonful of salt.

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