Plastic mop retractile principle

by:Clover Household     2020-05-22
Plastic mop retractile principle

traditional mop rod material has been wood, although later plastic mop rod and stainless steel mop is very popular, but still the mop rod cannot adjust and rotation, some of the mop rod is too short, clean near the in inconvenient, tall users also is not very convenient, until the advent of spin mop, thoroughly solved the problem.

spin mop rod can be adjusted, the longest and the shortest length can vary 60 centimeters, different height of the user to change length can be according to their own needs, not only easy to use, also greatly improve the work efficiency.

is not only the mop rod can be adjusted by rotating plastic mop, mop head also can be adjusted, so that you can no dead Angle of 360 degrees to clean the dust everywhere.

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