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by:Clover Household     2020-05-22
Broom, is every family will use items, it is mainly used for cleaning cleaning things. Broom put also has exquisite, if put wrong, may affect the person's luck in the home, especially money. One, the gate on both sides of the habit of a lot of people put a broom in the home gate on both sides, use rise very convenient also. But know that the door is an important channel of bleed air into the house, if the filth of the broom on the side of the door, into the luck will get polluted gas, easy to drive away the good luck. If put in the doorway of the bedroom, also affect the health of the master bedroom luck, so don't suggest a broom behind the door. Second, the living room corner is the place that family leisure and gathering activities, generally stay to see TV in the living room after work, or chatting, and stay time is long. If the broom in the sitting room in the home, not only affect beautiful, indoor and foul gas, also easy to influence the people in the sitting room, is not conducive to the development of personal fortunes. Three corner in fengshui, the toilet, toilet is the most foul gas, place in the home. If we put a broom in the toilet, foul gas will increase. The broom to clean the health, will sweep to every corner in the home and place, can let the home be full of foul gas, at this moment, good luck is also difficult to come to your home, on the broom's own bad luck will help improve the home.
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