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by:Clover Household     2020-05-23

you can sort the chopping block is very clean. Olive soap: this is a mild soap liquid, the basis of natural extraction can be used to clean anything, add some essential oil, the sanitation broom

if use the mop to sweep the floor, these bacteria and microbes will follow mop moving around, and bacteria. If the body skin exposure to these bacteria, easy cause allergic dermatitis eczema, etc. Some housewives to drag to be clean, just use hand to twist dry mop, instead it just infected with the bacteria, allergic constitution of the people, is so simple skin disease. Mop and regularly disinfected plastic broom silk best can do.

it is easy to allocate a fragrant breath. Essential oils: mainly into our home, sweet flavor, such as grapefruit, lavender, tea tree, peppermint oil, etc. Coconut oil: can remove adhesive, and even to maintain our cast iron pan.

recently, total bureau of national market supervision and management of the defective product management center according to the product damage monitoring and network public opinion monitoring information discovery involves the mop and broom accidents occur frequently, the sanitation broom

and then cut into its surrounding close tassel. After soaked the broom, and can be used to cut the plastic brushs mop plastic brooms, plastic bottles were covered with hair for a while, and the broom being clean. Position a plastic brooms and what's the use of a lot of people don't know, but used when people are speaking in our cleaning often meet some difficult to clean the place, especially our female friends will drop hair, the floor will be covered with hair, very difficult to clean up.

accident consequence is more serious. Damage, to protect consumers from this kind of product is released tip about mop and broom of the consumer. Broom, commonly known as a broom, commonly used to clean the ground. According to the material classification, common are: sorghum stalk broom,

for example: the small gap under the furniture, the choice of plate type mop ( Can tear open come down to clean mop cloth, such as dust) 。 7. The space that occupy the home store not placeholder: when the space area is lesser, sanitation broom

every house need a plastic broom, is in order to protect the floor, plastic broom can increase the wear-resisting degree and moisture resistance of the floor, wipe the floor with water for a long time will find paint surface gradually dim, plastic broom modelling beautiful and easy, can wash, not hair removal, high resistance to wear, will not scratch the floor. A lot of friction leaves all sorts of scratch scratch, if we from the beginning of correct maintenance of the floor, can avoid the bad phenomena,

complex of choice at the same time with the function of drag wipe mop. Also notice when the choose and buy mop the color of the plastic parts, plastic parts by injection molding, injection molding particles into the toner in the high temperature out of the mold. Be careful there are two kinds of color identification, one is black,

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