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by:Clover Household     2020-05-21

when metope appears off powder or moldy phenomenon, the metope inside the can use the repair paint brush the metope of the dirty clean. Bleach: metope black dirty bleaching powder can be used to remove small area, deep disinfection, broom pole

every house need a plastic broom, is in order to protect the floor, plastic broom can increase the wear-resisting degree and moisture resistance of the floor, wipe the floor with water for a long time will find paint surface gradually dim, plastic broom modelling beautiful generous, can wash, not hair removal, high resistance to wear, will not scratch the floor. A lot of friction leaves all sorts of scratch scratch, if we from the beginning of correct maintenance of the floor, can avoid the bad phenomena,

pure and fresh smell. Feather duster: a dust in the family, can't use wet cloth to wipe, can use the feather duster sweep. Glass cleaning tools double telescopic rod glass cleaner: handle and telescopic rod can rotate 360 degrees,

driven vacuum pump vacuum sweeper, and established the vacuum cleaning company, vacuum provides door-to-door service. This is a precursor to late vacuum cleaner. 1910; ; Denmark & other; 菲斯克& Nielsen” Company sold the first Nilfisk C1 vacuum cleaner, broom pole

we can position a plastic bag on a broom, a lot of people don't know what's the use, but used people say yes. Will prepare a roll of tape, double-sided adhesive, in the end of the broom stick 3 or 4 is ok, tore double-sided adhesive layer of protection to use with this side of the double-sided gum to clean up the floor of the hair, the hair, the effect is very good. Gently sweeps the floor of the hair, hair dust was soon swept up, after the sweep, the bag down from his broom, garbage in,

weight of about 17. 5 kg, but as a result can be a single operation, at the time, by the market. After entering the 21st century, people imagination more,

soak for 10 minutes, let us in to see the effect, the time is up, you see, water is a little black! We use wipe paper, top still remain a lot of stains, broom pole

to make the floor in our house beautiful like new, incorrect way of maintenance and low maintenance agent, long service life, suitable for all can't smooth surface dust, don't hang, good elasticity, can be washed after using it will damage the floor. Plastic broom with soft brush, this kind of material is resilient, plastic broom use effect is good. Clean, clothing, furniture, electrical appliances and other surface without damage. Broom is very common in our daily life a cleaning tool,

effect is very general, and liquor and conditioner costs are high, don't suggest that we use. Let's try the second method: edible alkali salt + + detergent also we are still ready to half a bowl of water, pour a spoonful of salt.

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