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by:Clover Household     2020-05-21

although it is not a chemical synthesis, won't be deposited in the body, but it really highly concentrate, be sure to use small dose. For baking soda and vinegar, I suggest you wear rubber gloves when using. Plastic brush with

then silk stockings will be removed away. When cleaning, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner, and wet dishcloth or mop. If with a broom, the movement wants light, don't add dust kicked up air pollution. Experts caution that the concentration of the pollutants in indoor air sometimes higher than outdoors, even reach outdoor 2 ~ 5 times, a large part of this is caused by the indoor dust. Cause indoor pollution is not only raise the dust itself, and its adhesion function.

it is important, if you have any children in the home, parents must take place in the place where children can't take these things. As a minimalist life advocates, I be positioning for clean room use natural harmless,

composite metal rod detachable parts usually threaded or card buckle nested way to connect. When consumers in the process of assembling modular metal bar products, plastic brush with

in the early years, a lot of people are local materials, his broom making at home, these days, with the developed of industrial level, this has been replaced with the plastic broom broom, plastic broom has economical and practical, long life, light weight, beautiful appearance, and many other advantages, but you know, ten yuan plastic broom is how to produce? By plastic broom broom head, MAO MAO board and a broom broom and other parts. MAO board is plastic broom integration build,

may be sharp thin wall parts scratch. Plastic handle usually adopt injection molding process, the injection molding of plastic handle still has certain elastic deformation at high temperature allowance. After injection molding of plastic gloves in the wall thickness of 0. About 3 mm metal bar,

3, fiber mop head: superfine fiber mop price is more expensive, because have adopted a special process, the vertical plate type of mop head can contact with the ground, change the shortcomings in the cotton contact with parallel to the ground. Plastic brush with

if use the mop to sweep the floor, these bacteria and microbe follows mop moving around, and bacteria. If the body skin exposure to these bacteria, easy cause allergic dermatitis eczema, etc. Some housewives to drag to be clean, just use hand to twist dry mop, instead it just infected with the bacteria, allergic constitution of the people, is so simple skin disease. Mop and regularly disinfected plastic broom silk best can do.

with the ground can & other; Intimate contact & throughout; Electrostatic, friction, so we can more thoroughly cleanse the dirt in the cracks, in the case of almost no wear wipe the surface, can also be used to polishing and waxing.

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