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by:Clover Household     2020-05-21

a little adhesive force can be completely wiped out. But here I will prompt attention, even if we are using are natural products, does not involve any toxin component, to drag

can reach the effect of disinfection. When other, sweep the floor, so that we can with low concentration of potassium permanganate and bleaching powder sprinkled on the ground, so that you can kill the most bacteria. Family disinfection must not take on too much, some people are afraid to disinfect effect is bad, will have to increase the weight of disinfectant, the smell in the home is not very simple, cause of another kind of pollution. Using the plastic broom to family clean with the development of the society, many of the benefits of buildings cover up,

but you should also be paying close attention to must not eat, if accidentally splashed eyes will immediately be cleaned with water and immediate medical care. Any a cleanser, we should be used with care, essential oils, for example, it can bring us a wonderful scent,

wooden broom, plastic rod rod broom broom, metal, etc. Broom, commonly known as a broom, commonly used to clean the ground. According to the material classification, common are: sorghum stalk broom, wooden broom broom, mop, plastic rod

the broom MAO choose moderate hardness is made of nylon material, the machine can drill hole on the broom wool board! Machine will then insert the broom MAO drilling, and use the screw lock! Finally put the broom head! For simple packaging, a complete broom is made, the entire process takes only a few minutes! Broom dustpan set the ground clean tool: mop mop is mainly used to tow away the dust and moisture on the ground. Broom: broom is mainly used to the ground

metal bar broom, etc. The metal bar mop and broom handle design usually adopt the plastic gloves on the metal bar, only on the friction to plastic and metal parts to ensure the reliability of the connection, and no other fixed measures.

these two colours is nowadays one of the most popular color, in combination with its shaft is very thin, stainless steel rod body mass, that combines several also makes it more fashion sense, to drag

we can position a plastic bag on a broom, a lot of people don't know what's the use, but used people say yes. Will prepare a roll of tape, double-sided adhesive, in the end of the broom stick 3 or 4 is ok, tore double-sided adhesive layer of protection to use with this side of the double-sided gum to clean up the floor of the hair, the hair, the effect is very good. Gently sweeps the floor of the hair, hair dust was soon swept up, after the sweep, the bag down from his broom, garbage in,

type, and it is a flat mop in clean function also is very desirable. Also chose an appropriate mop is to give yourself a delicate life, and in the pursuit of delicate life every household items are not to be ignored!

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