The broom can also be art? - - - - - -

by:Clover Household     2020-05-20
The broom is one of the most humble daily necessities in our daily life, because is used to clean the floor dust, so often dusty we lost in the corner. If a broom can sell millions, you certainly don't believe, but Japan's master broom, high CangDe saburo also did. High CangDe saburo was born in formerly known as the 'southern' Japan iwate nine village, long, cold in winter here since ancient times, people in the broom making. As farmers high CangDe saburo, due to shrinking farmland lost income, under the influence of his father, began to plunge into the broom for a living. High CangDe saburo do things very carefully, he found that the fold is the core of a good broom, only use the fold good grass brooms, to make the broom phenomenal ability to clean. So he personally planted grass brooms, and do not use any pesticides. Every year in May to June, high positions in the field patiently a grain by a grain of sow seeds and harvest time, and one picked them herself, after threshing, drying, to select the qualified materials one by one. According to the different shapes of ear tip fold, he made as many as 60 broom, service life for more than ten years, the adsorption performance of hair and dust as the highest level of a vacuum cleaner. In his hand shop 'high warehouse process', a seemingly ordinary broom price from 5000 yen to 500000 yen ( RMB 260 ~ 30000 yuan) Range. Some of these advanced materials used by the broom broom grass, need to spend several years to gain. Cost up to millions of yen. A respectful sincere attitude towards career and labor, strictly observe the process requirement with the correct attitude, implementation implements the extraordinary performance, the small pig never tire, never tired, its essence, tireless work. The most close to the life of ordinary but again commodities into works by art. Slow hand made art life, looking forward to your message, feel the beauty of a hand.
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