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by:Clover Household     2020-05-21

this is the origin of a feather duster. But a feather texture too soft, do not wear resistance again, he will be a feather into bamboo, grass, etc. , duster restructured into durable broom. In two hundred BC. ; China along with the popularization of cotton and linen, broom pole

there are several very practical convenience of your home broom? If all the rooms are in the same broom to clean? Maybe your broom appear clean, but hidden in the inside of the hair, dander, dust mites of not you can imagine! Dirty, use a broom sweep; The table is dirty, dust with a feather duster. Little imagine, the People's Daily life, often do think is a good habit of hygiene, actually only added to the indoor dust concentration,

and the change of ground material, began to appear the needs of water to wash clean. So the people on the basis of the broom and cloth in combination with improved, thus was born the mop. Due to unique modelling is a mop,

an old farmer in Hudson needs a new broom, he cut some sorghum stalk, use the rope tied to a, is durable and useful, so everyone rushed to follow, with sorghum broom, broom pole

then silk stockings will be removed away. When cleaning, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner, and wet dishcloth or mop. If with a broom, the movement wants light, don't add dust kicked up air pollution. Experts caution that the concentration of the pollutants in indoor air sometimes higher than outdoors, even reach outdoor 2 ~ 5 times, a large part of this is caused by the indoor dust. Cause indoor pollution is not only raise the dust itself, and its adhesion function.

thus appeared the sorghum broom manufacturing in the United States. Until now, the broom is still in the application, many features has been a vacuum cleaner instead. With long history, common in all cultures, for example, is as follows: comet tail like a broom, commonly known as comets, broom magnitude.

a spoonful of edible alkali, a few drops of dishwashing detergent, stir well, then put mop in the basin, the same soak for 10 minutes. To time, the effect can also, we also use wipe paper, plastic broom broom pole

home wire whether to disinfection regularly repeat use mop, plastic broom silk, because often in wet environment, the most suitable for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Basically has the following categories: 1, such as mold fungus candida microbes. These microbes can agile in warm and moist environment, in which some can cause nausea, inverse vomit, abdominal pain, etc. , will cause severe respiratory and intestinal diseases. 2, dust mites. Dust mites cause the allergic disease is the giant of evil.

has no obvious stain, but with the hand twist or greasy, touch will be covered in oil. Experimental conclusions: though with more clean, but for the oil cleaning not thoroughly, also don't recommend to use!

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