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by:Clover Household     2020-05-20
Broom broom and are used to remove tools, have something in common, there are differences. For the most part broom with scattered ear of corn millet, sorghum and kochia scoparia, palm, reed, coconut palm, plastic material such as silk. Tend to be soft, often is very close to in indoor or outdoor use. Raw materials has sorghum panicle, golden grass, broom broom grass, bamboo shoots, etc. , before the north three is common, the south because the bamboo is much, the fourth kind of more common. Generally speaking, the broom broom harder than others, a lot of use in the outdoor environment, such as the road. Guangzhou in 16 years to focus on a broom, brooms, broom, dustpan, broom pole, miscanthus broom broom, fan-shaped smallpox and other cleaning products wholesale, products are exported to Europe, industry experience, straight pin manufacturers, the price can calls negotiate! 【 Hotline: 020 34792045 】
floor squeegee dustpan with handle is generally used to dustpan.
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