The difference between broom broom and ChuiZhou!

by:Clover Household     2020-05-21
Broom and ChuiZhou: are we daily use tools, but the luoyang ChuiZhou sounds really good let me give, today let's parse slowly. Luoyang people sweep the floor use tool called 'broom', and emphasize should call 'broom' outsiders but, who was wrong? Is not wrong. Luoyang is precisely identify clearly. Outsiders came to luoyang after work, see the broom still continue to call the broom, actual it is wrong, because it is s sorghum broom corn millet; Broom is bamboo material, both is slightly different. Luoyang people call the cleaner on the road to use big broom is called for, but why such a large and a small distinguish the name, luoyang people oneself also say not clear. Broom: also called a broom, sweeping dust removal tool, multi-purpose bamboo into, larger than the broom, originated from China. Dynasty as early as four thousand years ago, there was a man called less kang, a chance to see an injured pheasant leaned forward to climb, climb much less in the dust. , he thought it must be a feather, so caught several pheasants unplug hair to made the first broom. This is also the origin of the feather duster. Due to the use of chicken feathers too soft, at the same time, don't wear resistance, less, or put on bamboo as raw material, duster restructured into durable broom. Broom: most use scattered ear of corn millet, sorghum and kochia scoparia, palm, reed, coconut palm, plastic material such as silk. Tend to be soft, often is very close to in indoor or outdoor use. In the past, luoyang people use broom to mostly to north kiln village, is made from sorghum, mi son mei, because be cord strapping, so called: broom. Sui, and tang dynasties is very strange: state granary in the middle of the village, should be fired brick, tile, how can follow the 'firm' s skill, the village of brick, tile seems to be forgotten, said north kiln all know: made of baked clay and their production broom. Ancient brick kiln in this area is very big, can to national road south, where the family can not only see 'courtyard patio kiln', also can see the ancient legacy in their backyard burn brick kilns. Luoyang ChuiZhou: also can sweep the dust, but generally in the 'heaven' ( The kitchen) Or in bed, in the kitchen, wet and dry dual-use, wet ChuiZhou brush pot, brush WanEr; Dry flour ChuiZhou board son esau. With zhou, in hebei, shandong general pronunciation is: with chu. Luoyang has also been the pronunciation of the broom and shandong, hebei, but the brush pot, WanEr ChuiZhou is changed, is ChuiZhou chui, two word pronunciation. Today, ChuiZhou chui has left luoyang ZaoWu, replace it is steel wire ball, slightly pay attention to the old man loved to use: towel gourd pulp. Is made of bamboo, broom broom is sorghum broom corn millet strapping; ChuiZhou is sorghum broom corn millet materials, the difference is small, have straight stem brush pot also have curved handle of sweep bed is special.
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