The fan - smallpox broom

by:Clover Household     2020-05-20

without washing, and don't leave scratches and marks, large area cleaning more convenient. I don't know more than household clean little knowledge to have a help to everybody? Is going to be the New Year, fan-shaped smallpox broom

can reach the effect of disinfection. When other, sweep the floor, so that we can with low concentration of potassium permanganate and bleaching powder sprinkled on the ground, so that you can kill the most bacteria. Family disinfection must not take on too much, some people are afraid to disinfect effect is bad, will have to increase the weight of disinfectant, the smell in the home is not very simple, cause of another kind of pollution. Use plastic broom to family clean with the development of the society, many of the benefits of buildings cover up,

must have friends in some have started to clean the home cleaning, choose the correct cleaning products will make our work get twice the result with half the effort, so as a minimalist life advocates, and I will use which cleaning supplies?

block type to enter, let the broom on the foul air pollution, the whole house. Not on sit the broom itself with great Yang qi in the gas field and broken, nature can't on the bed, fan smallpox broom

there are several very practical convenience of your home broom? If all the rooms are in the same broom to clean? Maybe your broom appear clean, but hidden in the inside of the hair, dander, dust mites of not you can imagine! Dirty, use a broom sweep; The table is dirty, dust with a feather duster. , little imagine, the People's Daily life, do think that is a good habit of hygiene, but actually increased the indoor dust concentration,

sofa people daily sit rest place, not only concerned about preventing anything-from, can also affect the family's health and luck in every way. Toilet is the land of filth in household not in the toilet, the breath of itself with a broken broom in the toilet,

in the end we try again and the third way: vinegar + detergent, warm water first to half pot of water, and then put the boiled water into the basin, pour the 10 ml of vinegar, 10 ml of washing powder, fan-shaped smallpox broom

junk and obvious dust brush away. Floor wax: after cleaning, floor wax coating can be on the ground, rise to prevent slippery, prevent the effect of wear and tear. Detergent: local plate hard to remove oily be soiled, can drop a few drops of dishwashing detergent to scrub, stains can be removed. Disinfectant: wide bactericidal spectrum, and strong sterilization ability, effectively kill germs, virus, guarantee the environmental health, effectively prevent the spread of disease. According to the effect with high efficiency, in effect, inefficient 3 kinds. Should choose to have a broad spectrum, high efficiency,

stir well, also put the mop into the washbasin soak for 10 minutes. You see, we use the white paper to wipe the brush, the above without stain and haven't got the touch oily be soiled with the hand, have the special clean! How,

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