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by:Clover Household     2020-05-23
Main ingredients: raw materials with sorghum panicle, golden grass, bamboo shoots, broom, etc. The home is usually a plastic broom. Broom that Mr. Big or small head tube scatter in the ear of corn millet, sorghum grain cast net, remove the leaf sheath and negate the section below, and then releasing the head with a broom straight thousand ( There are hard core) among Separate, pick out the ears of corn millet, offered when Mr. Broom do skin, straight thousand corn millet for skeleton. Then choose the good skin with releasing ear arrow stalk by hand knife broken in half. Will be ready to make a broom and core of the ear (straight arrows stem from the base of ear cut off, cut off the stem of the arrow can be used for string GaiLian, sweep handle in the middle of the available kaoliang stalk filling in general. Again after finishing the corn millet flat out on the hard ground, with a blind-folded roller compaction, pressure is soft. Then corn millet water wet ( Put in the water tank or corn millet shan water, touch water) , wetting time about an hour or so. Ready to tied broom of the appliance. 5 kg, 700 g wire. Take a four metres long, 3 ~ 5 mm thick oil steel wire rope, the end is a toward the feet or woodwork in the house, the other end is in the central pole. Walk behind the bar end is a 7 - wide 10 cm long, 80 - 90 cm plastic board band, can hang the removable at one end of the ring hook and rod connected to one side. When in broom, will walk the belt in the waist, take 3 ~ 4 core corn millet, get 4 root bark mi broom son, caught a straw, wire tighten, oil pressure into the 22 - 25, the first wire, each two laps around the iron broom. The name of the second take four core corn millet, 2 root skin corn millet, 1 root kaoliang stalk, behind the first line, and the first line of the same. The third and fourth way as above. The fifth and final along with 4 root bark corn millet, 1 root kaoliang stalk, plus four pillars on each side of broom corn millet, two laps, and then every 3 ~ 5 cm up together. A total of le 15 ~ 17. Will plunge into good broom with scraper will drop mi shell, in order to make its colour and lustre is light, white, no mildew, need sulphur fumigation sterilization. Its method is dug in the earth one and a half meters deep pit, put a piece of sulphur in the bowl or tin box inside, the hole with a wooden stick on gear rack, the rack cross with a broom, the number in the hundreds, cover it with plastic sheets, lit after sulfur, about 1 hour and fumigation can be sold
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