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by:Clover Household     2020-05-21

I put my cleaning supplies under the listing listed, share with you. White vinegar: pure distilled white vinegar, a powerful natural cleaners. Will be the same amount of white vinegar and water mix, miscanthus broom

increased indoor pollution. As daily household life indispensable tools clean, use a broom sweeping later can make indoor appear neat, but this is only a surface phenomenon. You will note that the broom by overlaying dust everywhere, it is easy to cause breathing disorders, and bacteria on a broom, quite a few bacteria such as e. coli, hepatitis, typhoid bacillus and so on the many kinds of bacteria. Indoor dust can directly cause health concerns. The doctor explained,

is all-purpose cleaner. Such as washing clothes with a little white vinegar can be used as softener, white vinegar has certain volatile, so do not worry about clothes will have sour vinegar taste, because it would be completely evaporate in the drying process.

has been under Internet technology & other; Comprehensive control, large data analysis & throughout; Clean operating mode instead. Broom is sweeping dust removal tool, multi-purpose bamboo into, larger than the broom, originated from China. Miscanthus broom

the best disinfection method, if the house ventilation, climate and comparison of boring time, with the mop, as long as wash it clean, and then put it in the sun exposure for a period of time, adhere to the boring. Secondly, using ordinary disinfectant disinfection, like lysol, potassium permanganate fluid and bleaching powder, etc. Using 1% ~ 5% lysol solution, soaking disinfection at the mercy of 30 minutes, secondly, using 5% ~ 10% bleach clear fluid, soak 30 ~ 60 minutes,

dynasty as early as four thousand years ago, there was a man called less kang, a chance to see an injured pheasant leaned forward to climb, climb over the place much less dust. He thought, it must be a feather, so caught several pheasants unplug hair to system.

but need to use hand or washing machine cleaning mop. The choice of the mop mop is engaged in cleaning and maintenance is appropriate for the work, work efficiency, performance and value can be up to the peak. Miscanthus broom

indoor air pollutants including cook lampblack, smoke cigarette smoke release of toxic chemicals, furniture, household appliances produce harmful substances, bacteria and microbes, and dirt is the carrier of all these substances. After dust carrying these substances enter the body, can cause various diseases, such as the burning of carcinogenic particles, inadequate for the occurrence of cancer planted & other; Curse & throughout; ; Bacteria, viruses and other adhesion on the dust, for the spread of the disease left & other; Hazard & throughout; 。

mop to choose seven principles: 1, the lever handle conveniently well is not easy to fall off the rotation. 2, mop cloth absorbent. 3, brush to mop the material not to drop crumbs. 4, easy twist dry mop water draining. 5, mop easy dirty clean no adhesion dirt. Different needs to choose not to,

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