Where is Clover household located?
Welcome to Jiangmen Clover household Co.,ltd! Get the address on "Contact Us" page and contact us for pickup service or specific route. The location is chosen based on the distance to vents, the natural surroundings, the talents, etc. A visit to our firm will provide you a much deeper comprehension of our goods.

In the fierce competition, Clover household survives on floor broom brush and professional service. Clover household is mainly engaged in the business of floor broom brush and other product series. The product has a great market prospect, great potential and with large market share. The product is suitable for various types of floor materials such as ceramic tile, marble, etc. Clover household has a complete set of design, production and service quality guarantee system. The product is portable for being taken outside for cleaning use.

It is believed by every Clover Household people that high quality is the most important factor for business success. Contact!
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