You really know how to use plastic mop?

by:Clover Household     2020-05-22
You really know how to use plastic mop?

mop is closely related with our daily life, but they know little about it, so today mop manufacturer to introduce family commonly used plastic mop for everybody how to properly use and maintain.

a mop, when used with cleaner, cleaner use of not too much, otherwise it will cause detergent residue, affecting the service life of mop cloth.

2, if a mop of hair or other obvious adsorbate, please use the brush to clean or dry mop and remove with scotch tape.

three, after using, please speak glue cotton mop clean, and put in dry ventilated place, avoid a mop stunk.

plastic mop can quickly adsorption oily substances, reduce friction on the surface of fine, unique vacuuming volume, fast and efficient large-area suck up dirt and dust, and avoid the secondary pollution and damage on the surface, do not need to use cleaner. New type of mop head, arbitrary rotation can be 360 degrees, uniform clean, easily into any corner. Unique cloth fiber, super clean, antibacterial, wear-resisting won't scrape all kinds of floor or other clean surface delicate surface. Environmental protection added package design, can replace the new cloth, bathroom, kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, such as the environment that occupy the home cleaning, a is worth ten, easily calm don't bother, the family of a clean things are done. Energy save more money for you.

if you want to learn more, welcome to call the advisory, mop manufacturer will provide you with the best quality products and most considerate service!

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