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by:Clover Household     2020-05-20

a little adhesive force can be completely wiped out. But here I will prompt attention, even if we are using are natural products, does not involve any toxins, broom pole

the first step: first, we put a broom head basin, then sprinkle with some salt and alkali, salt can disinfect promote stain of decomposition, and edible alkali can have the decontamination effect, then, we'll pour in some warm water, don't pay attention to warm a broom. Will broom soaking in the water, a moment a broom head stains are clean, and the water became very cloudy. Step 2: later, we'll take a plastic bottle, the top half of it cut,

but you should also be paying close attention to must not eat, if accidentally splashed eyes will immediately be cleaned with water and immediate medical care. Any a cleanser, we should be used with care, essential oils, for example, it can bring us a wonderful scent,

is used to clean the house. In living in feng shui, a lot of small objects will have 'a mouse, but a bad explode' role, such as the broom in the home. People use it to clean the house, broom pole

there are several very practical convenience of your home broom? If all the rooms are in the same broom to clean? Maybe your broom appear clean, but hidden in the inside of the hair, dander, dust mites of not you can imagine! Dirty, use a broom sweep; The table is dirty, dust with a feather duster. Little imagine, the People's Daily life, often do think that is a good habit of hygiene, actually only added to the indoor dust concentration,

represent luck, if not pay attention to it, could be very bad feng shui. In feng shui, the broom on behalf of the waste and bad luck. Is because the broom to clean the waste, so people think it is very unlucky. In fairy tales,

may also affect your home clean problem, this problem can be directly bring health problems to the family, but also is very complex, and the kinds of mop broom pole

with a broom sweeping clean, but also touch on the broom can't get it. Small make up teach you a small tips, today we can position a plastic bag on a broom, a lot of people don't know what's the use, but used people say yes. When we clean often meet some difficult to clean the place, especially our female friends will drop hair, the floor will be covered with hair, very difficult to clean up. With a broom sweeping clean, but also touch on the broom can't get it.

is not only the appearance of different kinds of mop is different, in fact it functions are also different, then give you recommend a few good mop. 1. Flat mop type format, which also have different functions, different mop

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