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has far-reaching influence on the fashion industry & hellip; … In addition, has been applied in other fields, such as: curling. Broom in the west, the development of the broom except for cleaning purposes, fan-shaped smallpox broom

the best disinfection method, if the house ventilation, climate and comparison of boring time, with the mop, as long as wash it clean, and then put it in the sun exposure for a period of time, adhere to the boring. Secondly, using ordinary disinfectant disinfection, like lysol, potassium permanganate fluid and bleaching powder, etc. Using 1% ~ 5% lysol solution, soaking disinfection at the mercy of 30 minutes, secondly, using 5% ~ 10% bleach clear fluid, soak 30 ~ 60 minutes,

is more myth given transport properties, namely broomsticks. In 1564, Ivan the terrible, The Russian tsar) Established the crown army ( A security, such as Ming dynasty, is responsible for monitoring people) 。 More iconic crown army is the symbol of their

has been under Internet technology & other; Comprehensive control, large data analysis & throughout; Clean operating mode instead. Broom is sweeping dust removal tool, multi-purpose bamboo into, larger than the broom, originated from China. Fan smallpox broom

raise dust easily in the human body, although there are certain human nasal blocking function, but the nose can eliminate dust, more than 10 microns in diameter of the dust enter into the respiratory system, causing a variety of diseases such as asthma, rhinitis. Less than 5 micron dust particles, can deposit in the respiratory tract eventually ministry; ; In alveolar, injure respiratory tract mucous membrane, cause bronchitis, etc. The data shows, common chronic bronchitis, largely with the powder.

dynasty as early as four thousand years ago, there was a man called less kang, a chance to see an injured pheasant leaned forward to climb, climb much less in the dust. He thought, it must be a feather, so caught several pheasants unplug hair to system.

this brand-new environmental protection material makes it more durable and stainless steel shaft and more safety. 2. Mop of sponge of lazy people believe that everyone have experience greatly, at the time of mop the floor fan smallpox broom

the first step: first, we put a broom head basin, then sprinkle with some salt and alkali, salt can disinfect promote stain of decomposition, and edible alkali can have the decontamination effect, then, we'll pour in some warm water, don't pay attention to the warm water after a broom. Will broom soaking in the water, a moment a broom head stains are clean, and the water became very cloudy. Step 2: later, we'll take a plastic bottle, the top half of it cut,

going to wash the dirty mop, it is very troublesome, drag back and forth time spent a lot of energy. The lazy man when wash sponge mop is very convenient, a dip, secondary power works, so crowded water faster also more effort.

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